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Term Three Timetable 2024

Monday 29th July  - Friday 27th September 



Jazz dance combines the technique of Classical Ballet and style of Modern Dance. Jazz teaches co-ordination, technique and performance all while having fun. Students have the opportunity to sit APDA JazzAddict exams and perform in our shows!


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including Modern Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet. Contemporary strives to connect the mind and the body. Students have the opportunity to sit APDA Lucidity exams and perform in our shows!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop teaches swag and confidence through different styles, routines, group dances and freestyles. Students have the opportunity to sit APDA Urban Ignition exams and perform in our shows!  


Ballet is a strict and technical style of dance which gives learners a strong foundation to start from or expand their dance skills. Students have the opportunity to sit APDA Le Beaute Ballet exams and perform in our shows!

Pre School

A fun class which prepares our 2 to 5 year olds for the more structured classes later on. With fun warm ups, use of props such as ribbons, hula hoops and maracas, dress ups, basic steps, mimes and more! Our Pre-Schoolers have the opportunity to perform in our shows!

Adult Dance
- Returning soon -

If you’ve ever wanted to give dance a go now is your chance! You will learn a range of different dance styles in a fun and supportive environment. It's the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill while keeping fit. No experience is required for this class - we welcome beginners to those with little experience. It’s never too late to start your dance journey!

 Musical Theatre

A combination of dance and acting to your favourite Musical Theatre tunes. We encourage confidence and performance through games, story telling, team building exercises, skits and dance in a fun supportive, environment! Students have the opportunity to perform in our shows! 


This is a class with a basis in pilates, yoga and functional movement aimed at those who want to strengthen and tone while working on core strength, functional movement, endurance and balance. This is NOT a bootcamp full of burpees and box jumps! This is a functional fitness class designed to get you moving the way your body should move- pain-free and without limitation! You should leave each class feeling rejuvenated and realigned.


This style combines classical dance technique with gymnastics/acrobatics using a safe and effective progressions programme. It develops flexibility, strength and control while learning skills such as backbends, handstands, cartwheels, ariels, walkovers and more!


Selected dancers take part in a disciplined group that perform in local community events and have the opportunity of competing in dance competitions!

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