Jazz is fast and fun, teaching co ordination and technique while also encouraging dancers to create their own style.


The technique of ballet and jazz combined , taught at a faster pace than ballet but still just as graceful and elegant.


 a combination of all the dance styles mixed into one with a focus on fluid movement and story telling.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a more free style type dance which can help to develop co ordination, style and explore the creativity of movement in dance.


Ballet is a strict  and technical style of dance which gives learners a strong foundation to start from.

Pre School

A fun class which prepares our 2 to 5 year olds. for the more structured classes later on. with fun warm us, use of props such as ribbons and pom poms, basic steps and mimes.

Musical Theatre

A combination of dance and acting , a fun class to connect emotion with movement.


Selected dancers take part in a performance group that entertains our local community at events and the possibility of some dance competitions

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